Deal with CECs or we’ll impeach you-Trans Nzoia MCAs tell Governor

The Trans Nzoia MCAs speaking to the press
The Trans Nzoia MCAs speaking to the press

Trans Nzoia MCAs have given a two-week ultimatum to County Governor Patrick Khaemba to sack all non-performing CECs and chief officers or he’ll face a possible impeachment.

Speaking to the media, the MCAs led by Hospital ward MCA Eric Wafula Mwangale, Motosiet’s Benard Muganda Aliang’ana, Sitatunga’s Daniel Kaburu, Kinyoro’s Cheshari Mogusu, and Sikhendu’s Eric Musumba claimed some chief officers and CECs have failed to deliver as is expected, noting that the Governor has remained silent on the issues.

Some of the CECs the MCAs want sacked include the Education CEC Dr. Isaac Kogo, Lands CEC Christine Tangulia and Health chief officer Charles Barasa.

According to the MCAs, Governor Khaemba has been silent concerning corruption especially in the Heath docket, saying that some drugs delivered to the Health Ministry have gone missing without those in charge showing any interest.

They also cited the Health Ministry’s inability to pay contractors who supplied their goods to the hospitals despite money being allocated for the same.

They also pointed out that the Education Ministry has had its fair share of graft incidents, with locals deceived that four ECDE centres had been constructed for every ward, which they argued is a blatant lie. “We don’t have the said ECDEs constructed by the County government in our wards. The education ministry through its CEC is cheating. Let him find another job to do other than lying to us,” said the MCAs.

However, the sentiments by the MCAs were opposed by Kapomboi MCA Benard Wanjala Mlipuko who said its their duty to play the oversight role on the County administration and urged his counterparts to stop complaining.

He said the trend which MCAs have been suing to intimidate the Governor is past its time, adding that some MCAs have resorted to making unsubstantiated claims against Governor Khaemba.

He said MCAs have the capacity to take action as prescribed by the law in their oversight role, and that their constant war with the Governor will not yield any results. He urged them to use their constitutional mandate to do their job and deal with the officers instead of crying in public.

He further dared them to present an impeachment motion against the Governor in the County Assembly, and said they should stop the politics of intimidation.