Deputy President in Trans Nzoia

DP Ruto in Trans Nzoia
DP Ruto in Trans Nzoia

Politics of vote hunt in Trans Nzoia County has escalated after Deputy President William Ruto commenced his New Year campaigns calling upon residents of the county to support his bid of becoming the 5th President after expiry term of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

The Deputy President’s onslaught against ODM leader Raila Odinga described him as ‘a State project’.

The United Democratic United (UDA) leader insisted that Raila presidency is being pushed by wealthy individuals out to protect their interest at the expense of poor Kenyans.

Speaking at Kachibora market in Cherangany sub-county, Ruto urged Kenyans to reject Raila and embrace his Bottom-up economy model which he argued will help uplift their lives.

Ruto argued as betrayal for some few individuals in the government to impose a presidential candidate on 8 million plus Kenyans who supported in its formation in 2013 and 2017.

He asked Kenyans to elect the President based on their track records and not political rhetoric.

His competitors, he said lack track records and should be denied the opportunity to lead the country.

The Jubilee government, in which he has served, has tarmacked roads, connected millions of Kenyans to electricity among other development

He promised Kenyans that he was ready to accomplish the Big Four Agenda by President Uhuru Kenyatta, who is set to exit office.

He blamed the stalled Big Four Economic Agenda on the entry of Raila in the government.

He promised that his government will inject sh 100 billion in the Agro-processing and manufacturing sector to create employment for the youth.

He challenged his competitors to stop using propaganda against his candidature and sell their manifestos to Kenyans.

The Bottom-up economy model, he said, was a solution to economic challenges facing the country adding that his priority is to transform the country’s economy.