CS Wamalwa insists cartels won’t be tolerated, as new directive takes shape

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa. FILE PHOTO
Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa. FILE PHOTO

Devolution CS Eugene Wamalwa has insisted that no cartels will be tolerated in the Devolution Ministry, as the war on graft heads to the procurement and accounting offices. This comes after a directive from the Heads of Public Service to have all heads of procurement and accounting units in Ministries, departments and state corporations to step aside and pave way for fresh vetting, in a move that revealed the war on graft has gone a notch higher.

The Devolution CS said as the vetting goes on, they expect systems to be put up to deal with cartels, “There has been talk of people dominating procurement in this Ministry, this is something going forward we want to see changed,” he said, “We want to see systems changed and opened up for every Kenyan.”

Accompanied to the press briefing by the deputies who have taken over the mantle from the respective heads of procurement and accounting in the Devolution Ministry, CS Wamalwa said it’s a heavy responsibility they are assuming and it won’t be business as usual in the Ministry, adding that they’ve had a lengthy meeting with those remaining behind, “We must read the writing on the wall and ensure we clean the house,” said the Devolution CS.

He expressed his confidence in the vetting process, “I believe further details will come from the Head of Public Service on how the vetting will be done. I believe it will be free and fair and devoid of victimisation.”