Dida opposes move to have only two candidates in repeat polls

Alliance of Real Change party leader Abduba Dida
Alliance of Real Change party leader Abduba Dida

Party leader for Alliance of Real Change Abduba Dida has vehemently opposed the move by IEBC to have only two presidential candidates on the ballot in the forthcoming repeat polls.

Dida, who was speaking in Nairobi, questioned why there are only two presidential candidates in the repeat polls yet the country supports justice. He said that the number of votes garnered by candidates won’t matter to Kenyans, but justice.

“The issue was taken to the Supreme Court for interpretation but I would love to see Civil Societies and lawyers to say that this is not a re-run, the other presidential candidates were also potential and things should be put right,” said Dida.

The Party chair said that the move will help Kenyans understand the laws of the country instead of going mum on the serious issue.

Dida also called upon the IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba to step aside since he is allegedly accused of bungling the concluded August 8th elections that were nullified. He said that Ezra Chiloba couldn’t easily avail forms 34A yet he is in charge of logistics.

“The Head of logistics should step aside; the whole of the technology department should go, it is logical to step aside with half salary for prosecutions,” he said, “If you are innocent, then you’ll come back.”

He further urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to go for a three months rehabilitation in order to sober up for better leadership in the country.