Kimilili MP wants President to clarify Raila’s position in government

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa
Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa

Kimilili MP Didmus Barasa has said President Uhuru Kenyatta should come out and reveal which position former Prime Minister Raila Odinga holds, now that he has joined hands with the government. The handshake between President Kenyatta and Raila Odinga has done away with the walls of hostility and political enmity between the two top leaders, who are now focused on development and bringing Kenyans together. The Head of State indicated that he and Raila are focused on walking the same path and working together to achieve monumental steps for the country, affirming that during his Kisumu County tour last week. Addressing the press at parliament buildings, Didmus Barasa insisted that Raila’s position must be made known, adding that it hurts the country’s democracy, which dictates that there must be an opposition leader.

He insisted that Kenyans don’t know the position Raila holds, and they must know his contribution. The legislator said many Kenyans are going to speculate about the handshake and its content, including MPs who are instrumental in assisting the President achieve his Big Four Agenda, “The President of the Republic of Kenya is aware he is holding a public office, not a private property,” he stated, “As a represtantive of the people of Kimilili constituency, I have a right to ask on behalf of my people for the President who is my party leader to clarify the position Raila Odinga holds in the government of the Republic of Kenya.”

Didmus further stated that the country will be setting a bad precedent for the future, which will pave the way for Presidential contest losers to seek accommodation into government through handshakes. He noted President Kenyatta’s criticism of the current national leadership system while in Kisumu, which ensure the winner takes all and took a swipe at his comment, “Does that mean after Kenyans have gone to the election to elect the President of their choice then those who would’ve lost the election must be accomodated?” he posed, saying that leaders must be clear with some of the statements they make. On the issue of the referendum, Didmus urged Jubilee’s Secretary General to convene a Parliamentary Group Meeting so that the Jubilee MPs can deliberate on the matter.