Divers still searching for the body of woman, children who drowned in R.Nzoia

Divers in the river Nzoia

Divers contracted by the Kakamega County government are still searching for he bodies of a mother and two children who drowned in river Nzoia on Sunday night. The woman threw herself and her three kids in the river, and one of the children managed to survive by a whisker. According to the standard two child who survived, her mother told them on Sunday that they were going to the shop but when they reached a certain point at the bridge over river Nzoia, she asked them to close their eyes and she shoved them into the river, one by one, then threw herself after them, with the last born child still on her back.

Mzee Joseph Mung’onye, who responded to the little girl’s distress calls, said he heard screams for help, given that his home is close to the river. He rushed to te river bank and he saw her holding on to tree twigs as the river water tried to sweep her away. He took her to his place, gave her some medicine and food and she revealed what had happened. The following day he informed the authorities and the woman’s sister. He has urged young families to find better solutions to their marital problems and seek advice from church leaders, family and friends before taking any action.

ODM communication officer Philip Etale has urged the County government in conjunction with the County government to retrieve the bodies and also provide psychiatric services for the young girl who survived, noting that she might be traumatized. The divers led by John Kariuki and Benson Wafula have expressed confidence that they will retrieve the bodies since they have years of experience. However, they’ve said they are facing challenges, because of the swollen river, a result of the ongoing heavy rains and they also lack decent equipment.