Domestic violence on increase in Transnzoia County

Trans Nzoia County police commander Fredrick Ochieng
Trans Nzoia County police commander Fredrick Ochieng

Police in Kitale have expressed their displeasure how cases of domestic violence have skyrocketed in the county calling upon the couples to have a method of solving their misunderstandings amicably instead of resorting to violence that has led to deaths being caused by lovers as well as couples.

Speaking to Media, Transnzoia county police commander Fredrick Ochieng noted that various cases of couples and lovers attacking each other with some being killed is on the increase within the county and that needs to be addressed.

The police commander pointed out three cases that happen in a span of one week where couples have attacked each other as he cited a case at Birunda area of Kinyoro ward Saboti Constituency where a husband killed his wife after a disagreement leaving behind two children of  9 years and 5 years respectively recently.

Similar incidents happened at Keiyo area of kwanza Sub County on Monday when a husband also murdered his wife following domestic violence in their home with a similar one when a grandson murdered a grandmother on Monday of 3rd at Cherangany Sub County with all these cases revolving on disputes among locals.

The county police appealed to locals to resolve their disputes in an amicable way without taking each other’s life as those culpable of murdering their kins action will be taken against them.

He instead advised couples to solve their disputes by using wazees, chiefs, or church leaders in instead of killing and that if they fail to arrive at an agreement they have liberty to use police officers in solving their matters.

“I advise locals to desist from taking lives of their lovers or couples but instead use other ways of arbitration like wazees, church leaders or chief offices and family members in arriving at a better conclusion”, advised the police commander.