‘Don’t allow children to go to River Iyon only,’ West Pokot parents urged

Sub chief Jacob Lonyang
Sub chief Jacob Lonyang

Residents from Shellpong location have been warned not to allow their children to go to River Iyon as a way of reducing number of deaths reported each year.

Speaking to West Fm, Jacob Lonyang, the assistant chief of Shellpong said that many people have lost their lives while fetching water and others swimming especially children.

However,  he added that various cases have been reported this year; one is where a boy from Shellpong primary school lost his life while swimming and due to that Longany has urged teachers from nearby schools to ensure that no pupil is allowed to go to the river without a company of a teacher.

He said that once a child is found swimming or fetching water alone the parent will take responsibility.

By Domnic Mwou