Don’t take my kindness for weakness – Lusaka

Bungoma County Governor Lusaka at the function

Bungoma governor Kenneth Makelo Lusaka has warned leaders against hauling abuses against him without caring for his position in the county saying he has the mandate of the people who elected him to work for them diligently.

Speaking in his backyard at his former primary school- Mapera in Kamkuywa ward at a joint funds drive to facelift the school together with the recently started Mapera secondary school Lusaka said he will no longer lie low  but will fight back saying he will not tolerate abusive politics.

Bungoma County Governor Lusaka at the function
Bungoma County Governor Lusaka at the function

“I want you to even experiment today by locking yourself in a house with a cat and start beating it mercilessly, it will for sure fight back using its claws as it has no other option” he said

He welcomed Bungoma Senator Moses Masika Wetangula to share with him issues that will help develop the county of Bungoma saying holding public rallies and making him a subject matter will not help develop the economy of the county.

His sentiments were echoed by Kabuchai politician Majimbo Kalasinga who lashed at Kiminini Member Of Parliament Dr. Chris Wamalwa saying he should focus more on correcting the wrong doings of the Trans Nzoia County governor instead of insulting the Bungoma County governor.

He said the people of Bungoma County had faith in the leaders they elected in various positions and will not allow outsiders to insult them as at the end of the five year term they will have their final decision whether to re- elect them back in office or not.

However he called upon the Bungoma County governor Kenneth Lusaka to crack the whip on corrupt officers whom the anti corruption commission will find guilty for having involved themselves in scandalous deals that have tainted the image of the County negatively.

He added that the devolution system of government was put in place to benefit residents up to the grass root level and officers should not take advantage of the situation to enrich themselves saying the governor should be strict on the issue.

The funds drive saw them raise more than three million shillings with the president Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto contributing each five hundred thousand shillings.