DP Ruto affirms Kenyans’ confidence in President Uhuru leadership amid Covid-19

Deputy president William Ruto
Deputy President William Ruto

Deputy President William Ruto has affirmed the confidence he and other Kenyans have in President Uhuru Kenyatta to steer Kenya through the Covid-19 pandemic and in a post pandemic set up. Speaking at State House during the 57th Madaraka Day event, DP Ruto noted that no generation and government has experienced the kind of challenge the Coronavirus has posed to the current leadership.

He said Kenyans responded to President Kenyatta’s call to action and lauded his intervention to mobilize the government to provide guidance to every Kenyan. “As a people we are confident that under your leadership the Kenyan government will take the necessary decisions.”

He also urged all leaders and Kenyans to join the government and the President in efforts to deal with the pandemic, “I’m calling on leaders across the divide and Kenyans across the nation to work with you and government to make sure we mitigate and minimize the effects of this pandemic,” said DP Ruto.