DP Ruto highlights reforms he will execute in his government during Cross Fire Show on West FM

DP Ruto in a past event in Webuye Muliro gardens
DP Ruto in a past event in Webuye Muliro gardens

DP Ruto has condemned the Jacaranda act where youths disrupted his Sunday planned meeting as he wanted Azimio Presidential candidate with his candidates to leave politics of using youths to cause chaos but sell his manifesto to Kenyans.

He said such ugly incidents should come to an end since they no longer have place in this country.

The Deputy President was speaking this on West FM during cross Fire Show where he said that the situation was calmed despite his car, ANC leader’s, FK leader‘s cars stoned and the meeting went on well as planned.

DP Ruto boasted of how the government he worked for from 2013 has transformed the lives of Kenyans through electricity connection to rural homes, opening of Technical Institutions and Vocational Centres, improved hospitals to upper levels and installed hospital equipment like ICU.

However, DP Ruto said that not all they had planned with his boss was accomplished and it failed during the second term where they came up with Big Four Agenda that stalled due to politics that led to handshake that made all plans to come to a standstill instead the President with his handshake partner introduced BBI that didn’t follow the constitution. And due to this Kenyans have been left  experiencing economic hardship like the increase of price of basic commodities like maize flour, maize, cooking oil, youths are jobless because the Big Four Agenda failed and was not implemented as planned.

DP Ruto talked of changing the Kenyan model where the haves are the ones who enjoy the living but those living below poverty line to also have a smile and live comfortably by empowering them through creation of jobs, constructing of houses in towns, value addition, agro processing and manufacturing.

Besides clearing the government debt in Mumias sugar, Ruto said that his government will negotiate with all those who have debts to be paid then leave the company to national or county government to be under farmers and if possible buy new machines.

Ruto revealed that some people had ganged up to sell Mumias Sugar Company to a throw away price that is why the court overturned the agreement and he added that if the government wants to sell Mumias to an investor it should be done after all debts are cleared.

He encouraged the Western region people to start planting sun flower to get olive oil that is imported from foreign countries.

He also said that the region is favourable for rearing dairy animals therefore his government will empower farmers to rear dairy animals to increase their income, he said that when elected he will give free cotton seeds to farmers to grow cotton in plenty then supply to companies like Rivatex instead of importing from foreign countries.

He said through growing of soya, sunflower and cotton, farmers will be able to get raw materials and food for dairy animals to increase milk yield.

He said that people stole money meant for Covid-19 patients, others led to the collapse of Mumias Sugar Company and nothing has been done, the President said that after 21 days of investigations in the KEMSA scandal he would act and it is three years down the line and Ruto wondered why nothing has been done.

The country has lost the fight of corruption since it is politicized where those that differ politically with number one are the ones that are followed every time and friendship is embraced most instead of following the law.

He said that when elected he will appoint accounting officer in each department of the government including police to ensure that each department operates on its own and is accountable of any cash allocated.

The courts have difficult in operations since the judiciary does not have enough funds, at the moment corruption cases take 10 years but he says when he will be elected  such cases should take 3 months utmost.

On the allocation of funds, DP Ruto said he will stop borrowing of money and said the Bottom Up model will help in increasing revenue collection since small traders will have their businesses run through empowering them, he said that he will introduce digitization and computerization in tax collection where there will be no theft of revenue money.

On the 30% allocation to Western people if Ruto is elected as the 5th President he said will be the Cabinet positions, Permanent secretaries and ambassadors in his government for Western region.

Ruto said that there are people who like giving false promises to Kenyans that is why as Kenya Kwanza coalition they agreed that they have a certain target and the 70% target in Western is not Musalia’s and Wetangula’s efforts only but it is a collectively responsibility that is why they are holding rallies and meetings in Western frequently to see that they win the August polls and it is not only in Western Kenya but they are having a certain target in every region across the country as Kenya Kwanza.

On zoning, Ruto said that as a coalition they agreed that it will reach  a time where they will negotiate with their candidates and if they see that a certain candidate will be having a great support then will be endorsed to vie for that seat and others to step down in his/ her favour. He cited a case where Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja was in ANC but they agreed that he vies on a UDA ticket since UDA is popular in Nairobi.

Ruto said that in areas where Kenya Kwanza has only one candidate vying against candidates in Azimio affiliated parties they encourage their supporters to vote for a six piece suit- to elect candidates in that particular party from MCA to the President.

Ruto said that the agreement they signed with all parties within Kenya Kwanza was read and understood by each party and they were given time to give their submissions to suit the coalition and most importantly they all have copies though he said that, that was not a final copy but there is room for amendment as days go by.

On corruption accusation, Ruto said that his opponents have nothing to show despite having served in the government for years he said that being Minister for Agriculture he ensured that fertilizer price was reduced in the favour of a farmer, as he was the Minister for Higher Education he brought changes in the education sector therefore those accusing him every time is because they don’t match him in any way.

He said that if at all he was a thief as they refer to him he would be rotting in jail since the law is clear.

On nominating Musalia or Wetangula to be his running mate as it was Mulembe nation wish, Ruto said that they sat down as Kenya Kwanza and agreed on who is supposed to hold which position in the coalition. He added that their agreement is with the Registrar of Political Parties so whatever that was agreed won’t be defiant in any way and if it happens anybody is free to move to courts to get justice.

Ruto said that throughout his political journey he doesn’t have a history of going against his agreement after elections like his opponent of Azimio has done to people he worked with.

Ruto agreed that they gave many promise to Kenyans during their 2013 campaigns as they were forming Jubilee government with President Uhuru Kenyatta and said that at least they have accomplished some though not fully as he said that if overall performance is done they scored around 75%.

On CBC, DP Ruto said that on Thursday they will be having a meeting with all education stakeholders discussing how education will be conducted for the benefit of children of Kenya and single out problems facing CBC which he said was implemented faster without involving all stake holders, after that they shall get to know what to do as Kenya Kwanza.

Ruto said that public servants should not involve in politics and if so should be neutral.

He stated that if IEBC will get support from all Kenyans it will conduct the elections well, he added that as politicians they should be vigilant and criticize the Commission if it goes wrong and all these is because of pushing for free and fair elections and at the moment he said the body is capable of doing so.

He said that those saying that have Deep State are just threatening Kenyans and yet they have nothing to brag of, as he said that they have sung a song of Deep State for long but were defeated in by- elections in areas perceived to be their strongholds. Therefore, Ruto urged Kenyans to wake up on 9th August and elect their preferred candidates without fear.

Ruto assured Western Kenya that they will be strong holders in his government and promised that after his term he would choose to support a leader from Western to lead this country.

He urged politicians to conduct peaceful campaigns and sell their manifesto to electorates and leave them to elect who can drive the agenda of development for their own good but desist from indecisive politics.

He said that he believes in democracy, therefore will accept the election results whatever the outcome but if his lawyers will see that the election was not free and fair then they will move to courts.