DP Ruto in West Pokot

DP -Ruto- addressing- a -crowd -in -West- Pokot -County
DP Ruto addressing a crowd in West Pokot County

The Deputy President Dr. William Ruto has dismissed  former Prime Minister Raila Odinga proposal programme of paying 6000 kshs to poor families if he secures his presidential bid in 2022.

He termed Raila Odinga’s proposal as a handout project to silence the youths adding that he respects Raila because of his age and he should instead give the youth’s employment and open  business opportunities  rather than implementing the 6000 kshs cash transfer programme.

He said the youths are well educated and need employment and they cannot be hand out seekers.

“We will set aside 100 billion for youth’s employment because the Big Four agenda will still be implemented, it’s the government’s responsibility to invest in business so that those who are poor in business can be uplifted. Will set aside 50 billion for small business owners and the money will be available at ward level” He said

He said his competitors have been complaining about the way he has been helping the small business community yet they don’t understand his background and the way he was brought up.

“They should stop complaining when I give out 2 million kshs, that is a small amount of money, we need to build Kenya where everyone is equal,” he said.

He said the price of fertilizer is 6000 kshs per bag but after he is elected the President he will reduce the price to 2500 kshs per bag so that farmers can benefit and eradicate food shortage.

Ruto revisited the Building Bridges Initiative BBI agenda citing that they still want to bring back BBI for them to create more positions.

“They should wait and focus on eradicating poverty and revive our economy, the BBI should not be an agenda.” He said

He castigated the trickle down economic model citing that it will fail but the bottom up model will work.

DP Ruto addressing a crowd in West Pokot County
DP Ruto addressing a crowd in West Pokot County

“The model will only benefit a few people and not benefit the poor, we need to do it from the bottom up so that we can get youth employment, boost business and enhance agriculture activities.” He said.

Ruto said  Raila and Him have served the government as the Prime Minister and Deputy President and wondered if they are in a beauty contest or a development contest.

“Everyone should be voted according to his development record, the Prime Minister did nothing to the locals but we have put up roads, electricity and improved health.” He said.

On the political amendment bill, Ruto said more than 160 MPs  are in UDA but the amendment bill targets to divide Kenyans into small political affiliations.

Speaking at Sigor in West Pokot County during his presidential campaigns, Ruto said he is the best person to change the image of West Pokot County citing that locals should not be deceived by political brokers.

He noted that insecurity has been a problem and construction of roads will help to eradicate the cattle rustling menace.

“We have put sh 10 billion water project at Muruny  and opened a number of roads within the county, we will still add more roads Kapsait to Sondany road, Chepkorniswo to Sina road and within a few months will have constructed a 300 kilometers road network.” He said.

Ruto also promised a bag of goodies to West Pokot County residents adding that every household will be connected to power.

Ruto also drummed support for Simon Kachapin for governor seat come 2022 as he sampled out a number of projects that were implemented by the former governor.

“He made sure we had a modern hospital with equipment, Kenya medical training college was also constructed and we will still do more.” He said.

He said the government has set aside 800 million kshs for construction of bridges along the Tot Marich pass road adding that construction of the road network will help residents to conduct business with their neighbors and end banditry.

He thanked the West Pokot County residents for voting for the jubilee government in 2017 but reminded them that in 2022 they are forming another government which will be led by him.

He castigated other presidential candidates for just sitting in hotels in Nairobi waiting to be given presidency citing no person will install a president to Kenyans.

Ruto hit out at some of West Pokot county leaders for riding on a national government implemented project to sell the Pokot community votes to the highest bidder.