DP Ruto proposes referendum should be held in 2022, should come with multiple choices

Deputy President William Ruto speaking to the press accompanied by allies

Deputy President William Ruto and his allied Governors, MPs have proposed that the BBI referendum be held the same year with the 2022 general elections in order to cut costs. Speaking to the press on Wednesday after a meeting to deliberate on the BBI report, DP Ruto said the estimated Kshs 15 billion to be used in the referendum should be channeled to the Covid-19 pandemic instead, “Because of the Covid-19 pandemic many Kenyans don’t have money to take care of basic necessities and students are about to go back to school. We need masks, desks , school infrastructure, we should use the funds to regenerate the economy.”

He stated that a consensus should be built, so that a none contested and non divisive referendum can be held, citing issues that are still contentious including the independence of the judiciary and the bloated government instead of rushing matters, “We make this statement in good faith. This is our country, and we are leaders in this country. We must provide leadership as we engage with other leaders in the exercise of building consensus so we avoid unnecessary divisive contest.”

He said holding a multiple choice referendum will also be beneficial, since there are some issues that appeal to Kenyans and others that don’t, and people should have the opportunity to choose segments of the Bill they support and the parts they don’t. On this, he said his team supports an amendment in parliament that seeks to ensure a multiple choice referendum is possible, “Why do we force Kenyans to vote on things they don’t want and not vote for things they want?” he posed, “That is an opportunity we are saying should be made available for all Kenyans.”

However, he affirmed that he doesn’t stand for a no or yes position, the collection of BBI signatures and no one should say it’s too late to make changes to the Constitution Amendment Bill, “We have absolutely no problem with the collection of signatures, it’s the easy part, that is juts a process issue, what is more important is the content of that we are going to vote for.”