DP Ruto urges Wetangula to join Jubilee party

Hon. Dan Wanyama sing as the Dp and other leaders dance before the address

Deputy President William Ruto has asked Bungoma senator and leader of Ford Kenya party Moses Masika Wetang’ula to join Jubilee and work together for the betterment of the nation and the Western region as they plan on who to take over after President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Speaking during the burial service of the late mama Jephrees Wanyama mother to the Webuye west Member of parliament Dan Wanyama, the Dp called on Wetang’ula to join him in Jubilee so that while President Kenyatta’s time is over they can decide one of them to lead.

Dp Ruto addressing the mourners at the school

“Let my brother Wetang’ula come we plan how we will do after the current president, if you will be better than me I am ready to support you where is the problem? We are neighbours here and I know we have the numbers so if we came together then we will still know how to do our calculations in the coming elections” said Ruto.

Ruto said he has no problem supporting other leaders not because he can’t lead but it is good to be led by others as he awaits his turn to come as there is opportunity for everybody.

He differed with Wetang’ula over profiling of political leaders saying it is a right to any leader to decide if he/she wants to be in the government or the opposition.

“I want to disagree with my brother Wetang’ula on the issue of profiling, how much Raila paid me when I was supporting him? Same to Wetang’ula who is now working with Raila how much has he paid you? Stop telling leaders who are supporting us Jubilee that they have been bought, that politics is for the past,” said Ruto

Concerning IEBC

Dp Ruto addressing the mourners at the school

He said as a government they have no unbreakable lines on the issues to do with IEBC saying, the opposition should just follow what is in the constitution,

“We cannot talk over IEBC in a hotel instead of taking the matter to the parliament according to the constitution, we are ready our team is already selected, you (Cord) are the ones delaying the talks, we have no problem so long as you have accepted we talk in institutions set up by the constitution,” he said.

The DP urged Wetang’ula to tell other CORD leaders that demonstrations on the streets will cost the country, telling him to use dialogue or any other form of solving problems rather than demonstrations that affects the economy of the country.

On development

On matters development, the DP pledged Ksh. 2 million towards the completion of dormitories at Chebosi boys high school.

Some of the legislators present

He also cautioned Nzoia sugar management saying if six months lapsed and the cane farmers for the giant miller still complain over payments, he with the president will sack the leadership of Nzoia immediately.

Water CS Eugene Wamalwa urged politicians to support the government of the day for development.

He cautioned the critics who say the government has done nothing to the Luhya community to understand that he is only the flag bearer but the flag he carries is for the Luhya nation saying it is good for the people from Western to support the government so that people from the region can be given priorities by the government.

Eugene called on Nzoia management to hurry up and pay the farmers saying the government has put in much and until now the farmers are still complaining of delayed payments.

Mourners at the function

“I want to tell my friend Wanyonyi and Wamang’oli to pull up their socks because it is not good when we have visitors here like the DP farmers still complain and yet the government has put in more money for the betterment of the farmers to be paid on time,” he said.

Bungoma governor Kenneth Lusaka asked the leaders from the region to respect other leaders saying he was elected by people.

If Wetang’ula wants me to help him then he should help me to get back as governor

He wondered why Senator Wetang’ula wanted him to be at Kamiti maximum prison saying he has not said there is no corruption in the county.

“I haven’t said there is no corruption, I am like a matatu driver who carries different types of people even thieves so instead of my brother helping me out on how I should reduce or finish corruption he is the first one to blame and insult me,” Lusaka said bitterly

Nominated mp Johnson Sakaja, Senator Wetang’ula and Governor Lusaka

He said there is no way he will support Wetang’ula for presidency when Wetang’ula himself does not support him for governorship.

“I am not blind just to follow Wetang’ula when I am sure he is campaigning for my rival to become the governor yet he knows very well I am the incumbent governor? Let us be realistic here, if Wetang’ula wants me to help him then he should help me to get back as governor in the next general election” he added.

Senator Moses Wetang’ula thanked the government for accepting the talks over IEBC saying him as Ford Kenya has sent Dr. Eseli Simiyu and Dr. Bonny Khalwale saying they are ready for the talks and that it was a good move.

He said he will have to go round the nation to seek for votes so that he can be elected the president saying that was the intention for the push over IEBC so that the country can experience a peaceful election.

“When the people will say it is Weta then I expect that (Jubilee) you accept and that is what we want” he added.

In attendance were more than ten Mps, McAs and other leaders from the national government and county government.