Dr. Paul Otuoma gets boost after being endorsed by Bunyasi’s sister-in-law

ODM Busia County gubernatorial candidate Dr. Paul Otuoma addressing his supporters at Bumala B in Butula Constituency.
ODM Busia County gubernatorial candidate Dr. Paul Otuoma addressing his supporters at Bumala B in Butula Constituency.

Busia County Gubernatorial candidate Dr. Paul Otuoma has blamed poor leadership as the cause of underdevelopment witnessed in the County during the first regime of leadership. Dr. Otuoma says close to ten years of devolution have been wasted with the County still dragging behind its neighboring Counties that have seen significant change.

“Because of these poor politics our hospitals have no medicine, our children don’t have bursaries, our people are languishing in poverty. We have had the County government for ten years but you may think we are still under the municipality council. In the whole country, our County is the only one with a muddy County headquarters. Remember some years back Busia was leading, today we are lagging behind people are laughing at us,” said Dr. Otuoma.

The candidates who is flying the ODM ticket in the coming August 9th General Elections, sounded a warning to non-performing County workers should he be elected to become the second Governor of the border County. Worries have been circulating among County workers that should the former Funyula legislature succeed Governor Sospeter Ojaamong, he will fire them. Otuoma insists that only performing employees will be rewarded.

“We shall do politics but we must also work. You can’t vote me in to go and laugh around with people who make our hospitals lack medicines. If you are a government employee and you are delivering on your duties, do I have an issue with you? But if you don’t work you must go home, many of our people are looking for employment,” he warned.

Otuoma who was addressing his supporters in Matayos and Butula Constituencies further called on unity among Busia residents warning them against indecisive politics that he says have been bedeviling the County. Referring to the ODM nomination exercise in the County that saw him facing off with the County Woman Representative Florence Mutua, he says the exercise nearly divided the County had people not remained firm.

Otuoma’s camp got a boost in the gubernatorial race after former Bukhayo West MCA Hon. Florence Opemi declared her support despite losing in ODM nominations. Opemi’s move could be a shocker to ANC’s flagbearer in the race, Nambale MP Hon. John Bunyasi, as she is his sister–in–law. Otuoma used the opportunity to promise a gender-equal government in Busia County should he become the Governor.

Busia county’s Governor seat has attracted five candidates; Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma of ODM, Deputy Governor Moses Mulomi of DAP-K, John Sakwa Bunyasi of ANC, Daniel Mogoria of National Agenda Party and Michael Oloo of National Liberal Party.