Drama as a 65 year old man is accused of stealing women underpants

Hundreds of Muruli residents who were baying for the old man's blood before he was rescued by police.
Drama ensued in Muruli village, Moi’sbridgre sub location in Likuyani sub county after a 65 year old man was frog-matched to area assistant chief’s office over allegations of stealing women’s underpants.
The old man found himself in trouble after sneaking into Mrs. Dinah Musalimu’s compound and took her pant from the bathroom line before fleeing  away.

According to Mrs. Musalimu, she heard footsteps outside her house and when she peeped through  the window she saw the old man walking stealthily  towards her utensils rack where he took a used steel wool before he ducked into her bathroom where he took one of her pants and hide it his coat pocket.

“I quickly dashed out and raised alarm and race after him but he sped off living me several meter away and scurried into his house with my pant,” said Mrs. Musalimu.

Ms. Musalimu said she followed him up to his door begging him to give her her pant but the old man had locked himself inside the house denied to have taken it and even refused to open the door.

She later reported the incident to area assistant chief Maurce Mukopi who summoned the old man to his office on Wednesdays day.

However after failing to honor the summon, angry residents who most of them alleged to have lost their pants stormed the old man’s  compound and frog match him to assistant chief’s office.

As he was being interrogated at the local administrator’s office at Kona Mbaya market, the incident drew the wrath of several women and men from Muruli who stormed the office baying for his blood.

It took the intervention of police officers from Matunda station who rescued him  from the irate crowd before whisking him away for investigation.

After being taken away by the police the angry residents in hundreds rushed to the suspect’s compound threatening burn his houses before police arrived on time and stopped them.

However they lit fire in the compound and burnt several property before the fire was contained.

Shocked residents condemned the bizarre incident, with several of them connecting the same to witchcraft.

Some women claimed to have been experiencing abnormal periods lasting for over a month with others alleging to have lost fancy in fulfilling the conjugal rights  to their spouses linking the situation to their lost pants.

“As men we have always engaged in unending quarrels with our wives after being denied our conjugal rights , some of us have even forced to have concubines outside there because the situation in our house is unbearable ,” said Mr. Kennedy Wafula Sifuna.

They want the old man to be evicted from the village vowing never to allow him back.

Area assistant chief Maurice Mukopi condemned the incident and promised that police will carry out investigation to ascertain the truth of the allegation.

He also warned the residents against taking law into their arm  saying if the old man is to be evicted from the village as per their demand then right procedure must be followed  and no one go and attack him.