EAC CS Adan affirms cargo movement ongoing despite border tension with Tanzania

EAC CS Adan Mohamed addressing the press
EAC CS Adan Mohammed

East Africa Community Cabinet Secretary Adan Mohammed has said movement of cargo between all East African nations is still going on, in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. This comes even as Tanzania authorities reportedly frustrated the entry of Kenyan truck drivers into Tanzania, hours after President Uhuru Kenyatta announced cessation of movement across the Kenya-Tanzania border and the Kenya-Somalia border with the exception of cargo in a bid to tame the imported Covid-19 cases, effectively closing the borders.

However, EAC CS Adan Mohammed said all the EAC nations came together and developed an understanding of how business will still go on, “The agreement between member states is that cargo will be allowed to move across all member states without any restrictions… That was the position before, it’s the position now and will be in the position going forward,” he said. He indicated that any misunderstanding with Tanzania will be ironed out.

He also insisted that truck drivers entering other EAC nations will be subjected to Coronavirus tests and this won’t change, unless they’ve already undergone testing. He revealed even those coming from neighbouring Ethiopia on the North are being tested.