EACC to investigate Olessos TTI board of management over graft allegations

Olessos ward MCA Hon Emmanuel Mengech at Olesoss TTI
Olessos ward MCA Hon Emmanuel Mengech at Olesoss TTI

Olessos ward residents in Nandi hills constituency Nandi county led by area MCA Hon. Emmanuel Mengech have called upon the Ethics & and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC)  to chip in and investigate Olessos TTI board of management and the outgoing principal Chuku Rosbella over alleged graft.

Speaking to journalists at the institution during the official welcoming of the new principal Mr. Weldon Yegon, Mengech accused the former institution management for embezzlement of funds which has led to the stagnation of general development of the institution thus wants the EACC to come in and conduct their thorough investigations over graft allegations in the institution.

“The corruption allegation in the institution has persisted for more than two years now since the inception of the outgoing principal and as Olessos residents, we feel the pinch and we immediately demand for the forensic audit to be conducted.” He affirmed.

Mengech revealed that nepotism and violation of employment laws has taken the center stage in the institution during the reign of the outgoing principal and as education stakeholders are very much grateful to the Ministry of education for initiating changes in the institution including bringing in the new principal which is expected to provide good leadership which will take the institution at the higher notch.

“We have no doubt as residents of Olessos ward because we know that the incoming institution principal will revive the dwindling institution.” He added.

He revealed that illegal payments for tenders and withdrawal of funds were witnessed during the reign of the transferred principal and there is a lot that is needed to be done to bring to book all the culprits.

The legislator called for total disbandment of the board of management to pave way for appointment of the new board and thorough investigations be conducted.

On the other hand the incoming principal Mr. Wesley Yegon vowed to work closely with all the education stake holders in order to put things in order citing he will not relent until the institution is put in order.