Lugari Resource Centre offers voter education

Mr. Simatwa Mwatia (L) with other officials at Mabuye Community Resource Centre, which offers adult education
Mr. Simatwa Mwatia (L) with other officials at Mabuye Community Resource Centre, which offers adult education

Mabuye Community Learning Resource Centre, which offers adult education, in Lugari Sub County has embarked on an ambitious programme aimed at sensitising members of public on the importance of participating in general elections.

Speaking at the center, Principal Mr. Mwatia Simatwa said the main objective of
the programme was to ensure all eligible voters in the sub-county participate and elect credible leaders in next year’s general elections.

“Apart from encouraging youth who have attained 18 years and above to apply for national identity cards, register as voters, we also teach the locals on the distinctive functions of each of the elective posts,” explained Mwatia who blamed ignorance among the electorate for poor leadership and governance.

The principal expressed his optimism the project would transform the public into well-informed voters, hence enabling right and qualified candidates capable of spurring economic growth and development to hold public offices.

“It is regrettable that most Kenyans participated in the last general elections under a changed constitution with scanty knowledge about some of the new posts such as a Member of County Assembly, Women Representative, Senator, and Governor,” added Mwatia.

Mwatia at the same time has encouraged illiterate adult members of the public to enroll for adult education, saying the new curriculum focuses on skills development and not just reading and writing as it was in the past.

“Adult learning nowadays equips learners with various entrepreneurial skills including agribusiness, tailoring, carpentry among others,” noted the Principal who urged residents to develop a positive attitude toward adult learning.

Matete Adult Education Officer, Mr. Peter Ombwori supported the Principal’s sentiment.
Ombwori appealed to the national government to make adult learning free and affordable in order to attract more students and thereby reduce the country’s level of illiteracy.

The official said his department was facing several challenges which include lack of a conducive learning environment, inadequate teaching staff, and teaching material. “Most of the teaching and learning activity is done in churches,” said the official.