Exam early exposure masterminds in custody, says CS Amina

Education CS Amina Mohamed has insisted no KCSE paper will be leaked
Education CS Amina Mohamed has insisted no KCSE paper will be leaked

Education CS Amina Mohamed has said that no KCSE exam paper will be leaked and that two of the greatest masterminds of the KCSE exams early exposure ring are in custody of KNEC and security officials, “The two were hunted down last night after a long and meticulous investigative process. The two must serve to show the existing stringent exam security measures will get all cheats wherever they are hiding,” said CS Amina. Early exposure tactic seeks to reveal the contents of an exam paper to hired goons outside the school who are meant to tackle the questions and smuggle the answers back into the exam rooms, “Usually the target for this unethical people is the second paper of the day,” she said.

Speaking on Thursday, the Education CS said the new technique to cheat has advanced in the past three years but their days are now numbered. She said other early exposure culprits have entered the police and KNEC drag net thanks to a manhunt staged by a multisectoral team. Citing the case in Kisii, where an early exposure ring consisted of 15 people who were arrested while they prepared to answer questions from a photocopied paper with the intention of smuggling responses to candidates at Monianku secondary school, “As a result of this case, TSC CEO Nancy Macharia has announced that disciplinary action has been initiated against the administration of that school,” said CS Amina. She said that in Kakamega, at least four people were arrested after being caught in a classroom with fake prepared notes during the ongoing KCSE.

The CS has urged all exam centre managers to ensure all guidelines are followed, including leaving all school gates open during the exam hours. She said security officers must sit at a position where they have the full view of exam materials for the second paper as the morning paper is underway. Moreover, exam officials must not take time off from examination rooms for tea or any other activities while exams are in progress and that centre managers must not allow any unauthorized teachers or staff including secretaries and clerks to hang around the precincts of the school compound during the exam season, “Only teachers handling practical subjects will be allowed in exam centres during the days that these subjects are taken,” she affirmed.