Government keen on increased Form One enrolment from next year

Education PS Belio Kipsang. FILE PHOTO
Education PS Belio Kipsang. FILE PHOTO

Education principal secretary Belio Kipsang has reiterated that the government wants all the KCPE candidates who have concluded their exams this year to get admissions to Form One through the ambitious free secondary school programme.

PS Kipsang, who was present at Kobujoi primary school in Aldai Constituency in Nandi County during the conclusion of the KCPE exams, said the government had made the necessary budgetary allocation to cater for the programme.

“The government has sought more funds from the treasury to aid the hiring of extra teachers to ensure the¬†quality of education in secondary schools meets the required standards,” he said.

He added that the new system will ensure primary and secondary school education become mandatory for all learners before undertaking any training.

Kipsang affirmed that this year’s marking of KCPE exams will be more efficient, adding that they were conducted peacefully as there were no interruptions owing to politics. Nandi County never experienced any hitches and all candidates did their tests successfully.