Dr. Ekuru Aukot condemns failed graft fight

Thirdway Alliance leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot
Thirdway Alliance leader Dr. Ekuru Aukot

According to the Chairperson of Thirdway Alliance Dr. Ekuru Aukot, President Uhuru Kenyatta has failed to see the enormity of corruption. This comes after the graft discovery made concerning misused funds in the health ministry. He said this during a press conference in Nairobi to discuss the corruption bug in the country.

The President had mentioned during the Accountability summit at state house that he had done a lot to fight corruption. According to the Third Way Alliance, President Kenyatta should seek leadership guidance from other African presidents, including Tanzania President John Magufuli who is in currently in Kenya. Ekuru said the government has failed to fight corruption. “Kenyans have given leaders a chance to serve them but corruption scandals remain a feature in the leadership”, said Ekuru.

Ekuru mentioned different instances where Kenyan politicians have been perpetrators of corruption for citing the Kshs 53 billion Jubilee Laptop project as a failed project. The Kazi Kwa Vijana that implicated the opposition party leader Raila Odinga, the Geothermal Development Company (GDC) scandal of Kshs. 60 billion. He also mentioned the ongoing Health Ministry fiasco.

Addressing the media, he urged them to serialize the auditor general’s report closely and not to choose what to publish since they are the gatekeepers .Ekuru said, “Publication of the audit reports should be done within a month. The Ethics Ant-Corruption Commission (EACC) should also publish cases under the investigations.”