Elachi’s return at City Hall marred by chaotic scenes

The County Assembly Speaker's office after the scuffle. Photo/Courtesy
The County Assembly Speaker's office after the scuffle. Photo/Courtesy

Drama unfolded at the Nairobi City Hall after Nairobi County Assembly Speaker Beatrice Elachi returned to her office after a 13-month hiatus. Some Nairobi MCAs moved to oppose her return on Wednesday morning and chaotic scenes ensured, with a teargas canister lobbed. The MCAs opposing her return allege the Speaker is being imposed on them, and two different factions took their stand in the scuffle that left the office in disarray.

After the chaos, Elachi singled out County majority leader Abdi Hassan Guyo for blame. Guyo had made it clear that no one will impose Elachi on the Assembly, and that she was trying to come back through the back door. “Hassan Guyo’s intent was to break everything and get to me to beat me…he should tell Kenyans what is the problem between me and him,” she said. Elachi said she won’t budge and she is there to stay, adding that if she leaves the it means the whole Assembly closes and goes on recess.

Last year in September, 103 MCAs had voted to remove her from office, 2 voted against while 2 opted not to vote as accusations were leveled against her in a motion tabled by Waithaka MCA Anthony Kiragu, including gross misconduct, abuse of office. However, the ouster was halted by the court.