When the election season approaches

COMESA has deployed 15 election observers ahead of the much awaited general election
COMESA has deployed 15 election observers ahead of the much awaited general election

As we are approaching election season, many political aspirants are hopeful of either making a debut or comeback in the political sphere.

The incumbent are also doing their best in order to see their way back into the political arena as many have already launched the political weapons that they will lash at their arch rivals before the general election.

This is the time when a politician cannot miss a meeting and will make sure that they attend it least they lose grips to their opponents.

A police officer guarding ballots

It doesn’t matter the nature of the meeting be it a health seminar, an agriculture meeting, Christian communities, funerals or fundraising events.

Most of them will snatch a moment to talk to the voters even if they are not allowed. If they are currently in office, they will remind voters that they still have pending projects, which they need voters to reelect them to complete.

They will warn voters against electing new leaders who may not complete the current projects in progress.

The aspirants will also jostle their political path by criticizing those in office for failing voters, enriching themselves, employing their kin and using discriminatory tactics of allocating projects.

They will promise heaven to voters, the same policies that those in office gave to voters before they were elected.


They will give their policies and show passion to voters’ woes. The good side of it is that Kenyans are used to these phrases.

It is just like seducing a woman who was heartbroken, promising her of never breaking her heart and as she naively gives in you manipulate her.

Furthermore there is this group of individuals who brand themselves as ‘opinion shapers’ and political brokers.

They are the point men of politicians deployed in the wards, constituencies and counties to sell policies and manifestos of the political affiliations they belong to ahead of the general election.

They are all over, for instance, in villages they will confront drunkards in brewing dens on how their preferred candidates will dethrone those in office with a landslide victory.

Some have no academic portfolio but owing it to their unquestionable academic background, they lecture a political move and you think that they have a political science degree from one of the world’s first class universities.

Lastly, are voters, who are very gullible and at a times very cunning.

The moment campaigns will gain momentum, every voter will be yearning to benefit from cash and freebies.

They will throng politician’s homes in the hope of being assisted financially.

It is worth noting that they will craft sweet talking skills to convince politicians to heed to their quests.

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Until the day the aspirant fails terribly they will ensure that they appear before breakfast, lunch and supper.

Some may temporarily relocate to politicians homes and siphon them terribly.

They will blackmail politicians of being their desired candidates and praise them with fake supremacy theories although some will be told off just after giving out handouts.