Elections held peacefully in Likuyani and Turbo constituencies

Voters in Likuyani constituency
Voters in Likuyani constituency

Voting exercise kicked off smoothly in most polling centers in Likuyani and Turbo constituencies  with majority of voters  turning up to cast their decisive votes.

Winding queues were witnessed in most polling centers as early as 4am with voters exuding confidence in the exercise.

“I have turned up early enough to clear this exercise and embark on other national building tasks” revealed a voter.

In an interview with West Media after casting their vote in various polling stations leaders various leaders including Enoch Kibunguchy, Connie Lusweti, Dr. Evans Taracha among others  expressed their satisfaction with the security apparatus and the KIEMS kits.

On the voter turnout, they expressed optimism that over 80% were likely to turn up to show their democratic commitment.

At the same time they appealed to losers to concede defeat adding that in case of any dissatisfaction redress should sought through the legal system.

“I’m confident that majority of Kenyans will turn up to exercise their democratic right by participating in this exercise and choose leaders of their choice, but I would also wish to tell my colleagues to accept decision that will be made by voters  if dissatisfied by the result then they should seek legal procedure to solve their problem,” said Kibunguchy.

Kibunguchy used the opportunity to stress need for peace in every party of the country.