Embrace peace in this campaign period

Residents at the venue
Residents at the venue

Residents of Matunda location in Kiminini constituency have been called upon to maintain peace and tolerance during this political season.

Speaking to the residents at the retirement celebration of Boaz Ekeya Obadie in Nyasi village, area chief Jeremiah Fingili urged parents to advice their children to avoid politics of violence. He reminded them of the importance of keeping peace and living in harmony with one another by accepting the outcome of election results that will be conducted by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) in the coming General Elections.

Fingili advised parents and youths to embrace education by citing good examples from the family of retired teacher, Boaz Ekeya Obadie.

Retired teacher Boaz Ekeya Obadie
Retired teacher Boaz Ekeya Obadie

He requested parents to make sure that their children are in school to gain basic skills that will help them make rational judgment in their lives. Similar sentiments were made by Sikhendu location-assistant chief Mr. Jackson Khaemba who advised teachers to give enough support to their head teachers in various institutions.

However, Fingili further warned youths in the area from getting involved in the formation of criminal gangs that are said to disturb people and interrupt peace in various parts of the country.

He informed them of a certain group of criminals that are destroying telecommunication boosters by stealing valuable assets that are worthy millions in various parts of the region. He asked residents to be vigilant and immediately report the matter in case of any suspicion.

He later informed residents of the ongoing Covid-19 vaccination within the location. He requested them to come out in large numbers and get vaccinated before the deadline that has been announced by the Ministry of Health elapses.

By Andrew Fingili