Embrace unity and education, urges Bamasaaba King

bamasaaba people
Omukuka Mushikori speaking to West Media

Bamasaaba people have been urged to embrace unity of purpose to enable the community transform socially, economically and politically.

According to the King of Bamasaaba people who stays in both Kenya and Uganda, Omukuuka Owe Lukosi Bob Mushikori, Bamasaaba people will only prosper if they will work hard and in unity.

bamasaaba people
Omukuka Bob Mushikori, left is welcomed by Mr. Omar Njofu

He said time has come for Bamasaaba people to put education as the first thing before anything else adding that it is only education that will help the Community to achieve other things including acsending into the Presidency be it in Kenya or Uganda.

He expressed his optimism in a huge number of Bamasaaba people which according to him can initiate many projects, initiatives aimed at uplifting the living standards of the whole community.

“We have more than four million Bamasaaba people in both Kenya and Uganda and I am very sure if we strategized well we can transform Masaaba land and completely change the lives of our people,” said Omukuka Mushikori.

“I am appealing to Bamasaaba people to embrace unity for us to succeed because if we don’t unite even the Presidency that we talk about everyday here in Kenya, we shall just continue smelling of it from far,” he added.

Omukuka Mushikori was however impressed with the good relationship that exist at the moment among Bamasaaba of Kenya and Uganda urging them to capitalize on the cordial relationship that exist between Kenyan President Hon Uhuru Kenyatta and Uganda`s Yoweri Museveni to continue trading in order to empower the Community economically.

“I feel proud that Bamasaaba though we are not very close to the Presidency but the President of Uganda and the President of Kenya are very good allies so we may also have a chance of enjoying the development especially Bamasaaba ourselves,” explained Mr Mushikori.

bamasaaba people
Omukuka Mushikori, when the Kenyan National anthem, Bamasaaba anthem were recited

Concerning circumcision 

On circumcision that kicks off on 1st August though Bamasaaba people have organized for an official launch on Saturday 6th August 2016, Omukuka encouraged Bamasaaba people to put education first before circumcision arguing that it is education that plays a major role in the transformation of any society.

“As much as we Bamasaaba people value our culture and especially circumcision so much, I wish to encourage Bamasaaba people to put education first then circumcision number two, I don’t want to see a situation where our young boys will run away from classrooms because of Embalu (Circumcission),” said Omukuka

He therefore urged parents to guide their sons well ensuring that they continue with their education until appropriate time when they will come out to be circumcised.

Omukuka Mushikori who was sworn in on Sunday 15th November 2015 as the second Omukuka of Bamasaaba taking over from Omukuka Wilson Weasa Wamimbi was on his first tour in Kenya since he was sworn in.

Although this Saturday`s visit was a private one for Omukuka where he attended a pre wedding for a daughter to the Vice Chairman of the Culture Council Mr. Omar Njofu, Saumu Omar, Omukuka used the opportunity to address his subjects urging them to embrace Bamasaana Institution.

bamasaaba people
Mr. Omar Njofu speaking to West Media

Mr. Omar speaking during the ceremony that took place in Chwele, Bungoma County echoed Omukuka`s sentiments on circumcision emphasizing the need for Bamasaaba people to put education first.

He also used the ceremony to reveal plans for the launch of circumcision in the year 2016.

According to Mzee Omar, official launch of circumcision among Bamasaaba will be conducted on Saturday 6th August 2016 at Mutototo Cultural Centre in Mbale, Eastern Uganda.

Thousands of Bamasaaba people from both Kenya and Uganda are expected to attend the launch that according to the planning committee will be graced by President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni of Uganda as the chief guest.

bamasaaba people
Bridegroom Job Tindimali

Despite the Culture Council requesting President Museveni to invite his Kenyan counterpart Uhuru Kenyatta to grace the ceremony, it is not yet confirmed if President Kenyatta will join him during the function.

Other people who spoke during the pre wedding ceremony commended the Bride and Bridegroom, Job Tindimali and Saumu Omar for choosing a transparent way of starting their marriage life encouraging them to live in harmony.