Environment CS faults the handling of water catchment areas

Environment CS nominee Keriako Tobiko. FILE PHOTO
Environment CS nominee Keriako Tobiko. FILE PHOTO

Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko has decried the current state of water catchment areas, saying a task force has been formed that will deal with the issue of logging, destruction of water catchment areas, among other issues. “You find that rivers that a while ago would sweep away elephants at the moment one can cross over on foot,” said Tobiko.

Ahead of the unveiling of the taskforce on Tuesday, he said the country is facing a crisis, and the cutting of trees is a major reason. The Environment Cabinet Secretary further urged the Keya Forest Service Board to push through the effectiveness of the moratorium on logging, “That moratorium must be enforced ruthlessly, relentlessly, without regard an mercy. No doubt there will be complaints that it causes economic hardship to those who have invested but how about economic hardship that the destruction of forests and water catchment areas cause to us and future generations,” said Tobiko.

During the weekend tour in Bungoma County, Deputy President William Ruto revealed that he had given an order to the Environment Ministry to ensure cutting of trees ceases, for ninety days, “We must stop all cutting of trees in all our forests both state forests and community forests because we have big problems. For three years we haven’t had enough rains,” he said, “In the next two weeks the Ministry must tell the country how we are going to rectify the situation.”