Environmentalists decry distraction of Kibomet forest

Guests planting trees

Environmentalists decry distraction of Kibomet forest

Environmentalists have raised alarm over the wanton distraction of Kibomet forest in Trans Nzoia County and they are calling on relevant authorities to take action.

Speaking during tree planting day at St. Augustine Maziwa secondary school in Bidii wards, Kwanza constituency, Mrs. Joan Chemwei Kapkarich who is an environmental activist and runs initiative which are geared towards conserving environment lamented that the forest cover in Trans Nzoia County is being degraded and that poses great risk to residents of Trans Nzoia.

“As environmentalists we want to ensure that our forest cover is well taken care of and improved, then why should some individuals come up and again destroy the environment?” lamented Chemwei.

Mrs. Joan Chemwei Kapkarich who is an environmental activist Speaking during tree planting day at St. Augustine Maziwa secondary school

Mrs. Chemwei said stakeholders from the county were not happy with the felling down of trees yet no action was being taken against the perpetrators of the vice.

She added that they intent to hold a peaceful demonstration soon whereby they intent to put pressure on the county government and the Kenya Forest Service KFS to come clean on the matter.

Chemwei stated that they had not received any reason from relevant authorities explaining why trees were being cut down every day and night and being transported to unknown location.

Guests planting trees at Maziwa secondary school

However, she said together with the county government of Trans Nzoia under the ministry of environment, they have a target of planting 300,000 tree seedlings that will improve the forest cover before 5th of June this year.

The programme will involve all the stake holders within Trans Nzoia County to ensure that the target is achieved.

Mrs. Chemwei said the stake holders agreed to come up with an association that will be a watch dog to the environment. The association will ensure that the forest cover is not depleted.

Mr. Joseph Barasa the principal of Maziwa secondary school- a school which is one and half years old said they are privileged to host the function and promised to preserve the trees that would create a conducive environment for learning and also get fresh air because sometimes they inhale bad smell from the Kitale Ziwa sewage which is some metres away from the school.

On the other hand Dr. Felix Mboyi who works for the World Bank group and is part of the scoping mission going around the 47 counties in the country collecting information from the ministries of environment said World Bank will give the department of environment budgetary support so that it can be more effective in conservation of natural resources of the County.

“World Bank will support forestry activities, wet lands and fresh water and wild life, ensuring that the wild life in the two national parks in the county are conserved for tourism.” Said Dr. Mboyi

Also in attendance was chief officer in charge of finance Mr. Ken Simiyu who urged Trans Nzoia residents to plant more trees so as to be able to retain more water in the soil and rain for farming activities.

He advised farmers to avoid farming along river banks to prevent soil erosion and drying up of rivers which affect people negatively.