Eregi girls’ students involved in a road accident

The school bus that was involved in the road accident

Students from Eregi girls’ secondary school were involved in a road accident at Inaya on the Bukura-Butere road when going for a Kiswahili discussion at St. Peters secondary school in Mumias.

Mr. Nelson Oketch who was also in the bus said the accident occurred due to the poor road network saying the road is slippery and full of mud.

“The driver tried his best, but when we reached at Inaya it become worse and the bus got stuck in the mud.” Oketch said.

The dilapidated road where the accident happened

“The driver tried to again move the bus but at this time it started sliding on the right side of the road till it fell down injuring all students and teachers who were on board,” added Mr.Nelson Oketch.

Mr. Calleb Nafwa, a teacher at Eregi girls’ secondary school said that the bus left the school with 45 students and five teachers going for a Kiswahili discussion at St. Peters high school in Mumias.

According to an eye witness Mr.Isaac Imbwaka Imbahala who spoke to, the bus driver tried his best to save the lives of students who were in the bus.

He further explained that the bus tires got stuck in the mud making it unable to move which made it to start sliding to one side.

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The accident scene

Area residents and bodaboda operators who use the road  said that the contractor who was given the work of construction stopped doing his work making the road impassable.

They have directed fingers to the national government saying that the construction started seven years ago but till now the road has not yet completed.

They have called upon Kakamega county governor Wycliffe Ambetsa Oparanya to look upon the matter so that they can have peace when operating on the road during this rainy season.

Harbel Nanjendo, the Marama north MCA said that since 2009 the construction of the road is not yet completed saying the contractor abandoned the construction and till now no one knows his where about.

Nanjendo said the construction of the road is being done in favor of political affairs quoting that the construction of the road in Ikolomani side is on the process because the area MP is in Jubille government which is in power, but in Butere sub county construction stopped because MP Andrew Toboso is in the opposition party.

The accident scene

He said the state of poor road has made accidents on the road to be so rampant leading to the death of four people on the road.

The students were taken to Butere Sub County hospital by the Butere police officers by the help of good samaritans.

Brendah Agnes Naliaka,a doctor at the faculty said they received a total of fifty five patients.

She said forty four of them had minor injuries, three with bruises which they dressed, five with cut wounds which were to be stitched and other patients who had major injuries which wanted x-rays were referred to Kakamega general hospital.