Eugene Wamalwa Eyes 2027 Presidency

Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa in West FM studios
Defence CS Eugene Wamalwa in West FM studios

Kenya’s Defence and acting Devolution CS has announced he would make a stab at the presidency in the 2027 election, saying that he is best suited to follow in the footsteps of both Masinde Muliro and the former Vice President Michael Wamalwa Kijana.

Speaking during the popular weekly political talk show Crossfire on West FM and Mumbo FM on Sunday July 10, Wamalwa said that the Western Kenya community has been auctioned by selfish leaders who only care about their own interest.

This is a surprise announcement coming in under a month to the August 2022 General Election.

Eugene started off by outlining what he described as the many achievements the Jubilee administration has made. “President Uhuru Kenyatta has broken all records from the time he took over power in 2013,” he said.

He said that since independence, the country had issued around 5 million title deeds up to 2013. But when Uhuru took over, the government has issued over 6 million title deeds. “The government has achieved more in 10 years than what was not possible for 50 years. This is not a mini fete,” he said

He has personally overseen the issuing of title deeds in Trans Nzoia County to residents in Weonia, Bikeke, Tulwet and will proceed to Cherangany and Endebes to complete the Trans Nzoia County titles deeds issuance.

Starting Tuesday July 12, 2022, CS Wamalwa will be delivering title deeds for Bungoma County and Busia later proceed to West Pokot County.

Asked whether the timing is meant to influence voters to vote in a certain way, Wamalwa said that, “This is part of the President’s legacy. It has nothing to do with election. He committed to deliver and he has delivered.”

He added that what gives one an assurance of land ownership is a title deed. He called on the next government taking power after August 9 elections to continue issuing Kenyans not just issue title deeds, but also address the squatters’ problem.

Trans Nzoia, he said is the home to the largest squatters in the country followed by Laikipia County.

Asked about the Internal Displaced Persons (IDPs) crisis, Wamalwa said that it’s the duty of the government to address the menace saying that it’s on the priority list.

After addressing the squatters, the next administration should make an effort to address the IDPs who lost land from 92 to date in the hand of bad politics. He blamed the Moi brand of politics that made Kenyans suffer and lose property especially in Trans Nzoia.

“Many Luhya’s, Kikuyu’s and Kisii’s lost property and lives during the time. Our opponents are trying to sneak back the Moi style of politics, politics that made our people become landless,” he said.

He said that when Trans Nzoia people were losing land and property, Moses Wetangula and Musalia Mudavadi were working with the regime that exposed them to the loses. “The two leaders cannot be trusted,” he said

He urged voters to go to vote in August with the knowledge of who is better placed leader to address their needs and interests.

On Jubilees’ report card for Western, Wamalwa said that huge development programs had put into motion courtesy of the government.

On top of the achievements are the issuance of University charters for Kibabii, Alupe and Kaimosi institutions that are currently the biggest industries in the region.

On the difficulties in Trans Nzoia, Wamalwa said that it is the management problem, blaming the outgoing governor for not doing enough work for the County.

Wamalwa, who is also the CS for devolution says that Trans Nzoia County is badly managed in the hands of poor leadership. He looked forward to the changing of the leadership in that County, which he promises will bring the desired change and service to people. He called on Trans Nzoia voters to vote for George Natembeya

On the sugar sector, Wamalwa blamed Moses Wetang’ula and Speaker Lusaka for not doing enough to ensure the Wamunyinyi Bill, which would have the capability to address the sugar problems and give sugar farmers chance to make a living from their work.

He pointed out the Webuye Milk plant that has the ability to change the milk story for the better and in the process uploading the Bungoma Governor Wycliffe Wangamati for the same.

He revealed that Kenya Defense Forces have been involved in the repairs of the railway, noting that the progress is remarkable and by the end of year, Trans Nzoia will start receiving trains.

On the issue of fruits of handshake taking project to Nyanza, he said that projects completed in Kisumu are meant to serve and benefit the whole region.

The biggest achievement of the handshake was the restoration of peace for the country. Wamalwa said that lack of peace on a country is too costly. Comparing other countries whose instability has marked them, saying that not what to desire for a country. The handshake brought peace.

On whether the Big 4 agenda is working or failed, he stated that the agenda can benefit counties better because the service in focus are devolved.  He however blamed mismanagement of County resources by some administrations saying they are to blame more than anything else. Big four agenda is the biggest County economic enabler.

On health, he accused the outgoing Trans Nzoia Governor of misplaced priorities. He said that Makueni spend 200 million to set up a hospital that is not benefiting 50 thousand people. Kakamega County has completed a hospital project that is slated to become the regions level 6 hospital on the same level as Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital, Kenyatta National and Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital. He said the government is taking it up to run as a national institution and make available resources sand support.

In Trans Nzoia County, he said that the County government has spent 9 years and close to 1.2 billion and still not able to finish a hospital and a market.

On the cost of living, Wamalwa said that it’s not unique to Kenya and the world over, costs of services have skyrocketed blaming mostly on Corona and war between Ukraine and Russia, the primary sources of most of enablers.

He also said due to climatic changes, harvests in the region has been reducing. Uganda had missed target this year’s same as Tanzania, which would have been sources of maize source for the County.

Wamalwa said the government is working on a intervention that would bring down costs of flour for a short term.

He said there are no permanent enemies in politics, except permanent interests. “Azimio La Umoja One Kenya Presidential candidate Raila Odinga means well for the region and had demonstrated that in the past working closely with leaders from Luhya land.” He summarized

By Caleb Kitui