Fake pastors arrested with witchcraft paraphernalia in Likuyani

Sango sub location assistant chief Frida Lusweti Shirengo examining the items
Sango sub location assistant chief Frida Lusweti Shirengo examining the items

Three fake pastors escaped lynching by an angry mob after they were found with witchcraft paraphernalia at Lukusi village, Sango sub location in Likuyani sub county. According to Mrs. Florence Musimbi, the impostors who were in company of one of her brothers-in-law Mr.  Charles Kalo were found trying to secretly bury the witchcraft items in her banana plantation with the intention of coming back on a later date to organize a pray meeting to exhume the items so that they could implicate her to be a witch. 

“There was one man who was patrolling around my compound trying to monitor our movements as the others went on with their ill activity in my banana farm, luckily one of my sons saw them digging a hole in the plantation and tried to inquire what they were doing but they took their items and ran into my brother-in-law’s house where the hid them,” explained Musimbi.
She said they raised an alarm attracting residents before informing the local administration. Musimbi said the aim of her brother-in-law was to taint her image and portray her as a witch. Area assistant chief Frida Lusweti Shirengo led team of village elders and ‘nyumba kumi’ officials to the scene and on searching Mr. Kalo’s house they found an assortment of witchcraft items which included dry roots from different trees, ashes,  uman hair, faeces, snail and tortoise shells, bones among others. 

Angry residents turned on the three fake men of God together with their host Mr. Charles Kalo baying for their blood before two of them  managed to trick the crowd and escaped. The assistant chief managed to cool the residents and arrested Mr. Kalo and one of the impostor Isaiah Makuva who hails from Butali in Malava sub county. The two were handed to police officers at Kogo who have launched an investigation into incident as well as search for other two accomplices who managed to escape.
Following the incident the assistant chief has banned all night prayer meetings that are organized in individual homes. 
The local administrator has also banned pastors claiming to have powers to exhume witchcraft from conducting their activities in the area.