Families anxious about kin’s in KDF whereabouts

Family of Masud who joined KDF in 2009 and whose whereabouts is not known by the farmily/Photo/Erick Lumbasi/West Fm

Families anxious about kin’s in KDF whereabouts

Family of Masud who joined KDF in 2009 and whose whereabouts is not known to the family /Photo/Erick Lumbasi /West Fm

Ever since the Al shabaab attack on the Kenyan base in Somalia that left many soldiers injured and some dead, two families in Mt Elgon Sub County are eager lot to know whereabouts of their children who joined the Kenya Defense Forces at different intervals and were also on official duty in Somalia.

In Kimobo village Catherine Masudi, mother to Martin Kwemboi Masudi who joined the forces in the year 2009 says she used to communicate with her son a week ago before the attack occurred but since then communication has been a problem and has been left in a dilemma on the whereabouts of his son.

She said the government has not been able to provide them with information saying as a family they have a right to know the state of their son and be prepared to cope with the situation of whether he is dead or alive.

Geoffrey Masudi the brother to Martin said the family has not had peace ever since the attack occurred in the Kenyan camp with them knowing that their brother was there and making matters worse the phone he was using to communicate with them is now out of reach.

He said as a family they have made efforts to travel to Eldoret barracks where his brother was based to try and find out more information about their brother but it has not been fruitful as they were told the rescue mission is still going on to have the injured flown back to Kenya and also identify the bodies of those who passed on hence they have to be a little more patient.

“Martin was a pillar in our family as he had started constructing a house for our mother as a symbol of appreciation for having taken good care of him since childhood and was also a good farmer as he had already prepared his land ahead of the planting season” he said

Family of Richard Kibet who also went to somalia and has not been found /Photo/ Erick Lumbasi / West Fm

Geoffrey called upon the government to act swiftly in providing enough information regarding the whereabouts of his brother to have them cope with the situation rather than telling them to keep on waiting as anxiety builds up which he said has affected their mother.

Elsewhere in Chemweisus village the mood is the same as the family of Richard Kibet has also not got any information regarding him after he went to Somalia in December last year and after the attack they have also not heard any information on him.

The brother David Cheretei said his brother joined the forces in the year 1992 and has been of much help to the family at large and called upon the government to be swift in providing information of his whereabouts saying they are anxiously waiting to know.