Family seeks intervention to ferry kin’s body from Canada

Elizabeth Nekesa
Elizabeth Nekesa

Elizabeth Nekesa mother to 52 year old Leonard Wandili who passed on in Canada is appealing to the Kenyan and Canadian government to help her ferry her son’s body from the foreign country after passing on few days after leaving Kenya.

Addressing the press, Nekesa says she is devastated by her son’s death saying his wife was pushing to have the son buried in the foreign land yet he has a home at Ndengelwa which he rightfully needs to be laid to rest.

She added that a post mortem needs to be done so as to ascertain the true cause of his death saying he only went to work in Canada and needs to be brought back to Kenya for his burial as the Bukusu culture dictates.

Reports indicate that Leonard was a founder member of several academic and community associations in Canada with links in Kenya that helped the community at large.