1 dead, 8 hospitalized after consuming poisoned food

The victims at Matunda Sub County hospital
Nine people from Muruli village in Nzoia location were rushed to Matunda Hospital in Likuyani Sub County after they allegedly consumed poisoned food. Speaking to the press from her hospital bed, Mrs Bridgit Soita narrated how the meal, a mixture of beans and maize, which she and part of her family members consumed on Wednesday during lunch hours, caused tragedy.

“I personally prepared and carefully stored the meal on Tuesday night,” said Mrs Soita, adding besides her and the husband, Mr Abraham Soita, the seven others who ate the food were their children.

According to the mother, trouble started several hours later in the day when all of them began experiencing stomach pains and related upsets, accompanied by vomiting.

“Good Samaritans rushed us to Moi’s Bridge dispensary where diagnosis indicated we had eaten poisonous substance,” added Mrs Soita.

All of them had been discharged after undergoing first aid treatment.

However, the situation went from bad to worse on Friday before they were rushed to Matunda hospital for further treatment.

Mrs. Soita said someone might have sneaked into her kitchen and lased the food with poison without their knowledge, saying she cooked the food from the cereals she has stored in her house and they have been eating it without any problem.

According to a medical officer at the facility, Mrs Soita and five children were out of danger.

The father and two children were later transferred to Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret where the man died while undergoing treatment.