Farmers advised to harvest their maize in good time

Bungoma North Agri-business officer Elisha Andalya.
Bungoma North Agri-business officer Elisha Andalya.

With the excessive rains that continue to pound various parts of the country, maize harvesting season in Western Kenya is likely to be affected by the risk of maize crop rotting in the farm due to wet and cold weather conditions being experienced in the region.

If the risk at which maize among other crops is likely to be affected by the ongoing rains is something to go by, then farmers across the region have no option but to adhere to the advise by Bungoma North Agri-business officer Elisha Andalya who has called upon farmers to harvest their crops in good time, dry them even with the scarcity of the sun and store them well to avoid loss.

He noted that a good number of farmers are likely to be affected by the heavy rains as it might hamper harvesting of mature maize or have a negative impact on the very crop, if not harvested in good time, dried and well stored. They are advised to start harvesting the crop lest they risk triggering aflatoxin contamination.

Over the past few months, increase in prices of maize flour to over ksh.200 per 2kg of packet across the country resulting from poor harvest and increase in prices of farm inputs, affected a number of families and households as some could not afford the basic commodity.

With Kenya being among the developing countries where maize is the basic food crop, the agri-business officer asked farmers to grow a variety of crops like green vegetables, beans, sweet potatoes and irish potatoes in order to have various food stuff.

The move by President William Ruto reducing the price of fertiliser from ksh.6500 to ksh.3500 per 50kg bag effective from next week will relief farmers who have adversely been affected by the high cost of farm inputs.

By Otindo Aggrey.