Farmers complain about lack of fertilizer

CS Peter Munya during his visit in Trans Nzoia County
CS Peter Munya during his visit in Trans Nzoia County

Farmers in Trans Nzoia County have petitioned the Government through Ministry of Agriculture to procure fertilizer for top dressing noting that failure will lead to inadequate harvests this season that would lead to serious starvation next year.

Most of farms within the County have maize that require top dressing and there’s no effort by the Government in provision of  fertilizer for top dressing an action that has made farmers to request for the same.

The farmers led by Moses Maiyo and Isaac Chebii blamed the Government over what they termed as it’s laxity in fertilizer procurement claiming that most of their maize farms at the moment need top dressing fertilizer which is not available.

They criticized increase of selling price of a 90kg bag that’s retailing at kshs.6000 claiming that most of farmers sold their produces early this year to purchase farm inputs as well as cultivate their farms which left them with nothing to lean on and that they sold their produces at a throw away price

They blamed the continuous politics that’s going on in the County that they claimed leaders have absconded their duties of representation as important issues affecting citizens are not being catered for leaving citizens in serious problems.

The farmers blamed Agriculture CS Peter Munya over what they termed his promises as being fake when he toured the County in April and promised to handle issues affecting maize farmers to the end and since he left there were no efforts whatsoever that were put forward by the CS in tackling farmers’ grievances which includes insufficient fertilizer.

They pointed out that some private business men within the County have taken advantage of the situation and are selling the said fertilizer to farmers at exorbitant prices which they are unable calling upon the Government to procure fertilizer through the National Cereals and Produce Board NCPB for them to use noting that if the fertilizer will not be provided in time then will affect production of maize this year.

They also took issue with the County Government of Trans Nzoia blaming it over its inability to represent farmers’ plight to the national Government as Agriculture as a devolved function need to work together with the National Government in representing the interests of its citizens.

“Our County Government is sleeping on job as it’s not ready to represent our grievances to the National Government for efficient handling of our issues,” claimed farmers