Farmers count losses after Hippo destroys crops

Butome Mumias

A farmer standing in his maize farm. Their maize has been destroyed by a hipo

Residents of Butobe village from Mumias West constituency are counting losses after their crops were destroyed by a hippopotamus that comes out of River Nzoia.

Speaking to Francis Omengo, a resident farmer said that their crops such as maize, beans, sorghum, vegetables and millet have been destroyed by the hippopotamus adding that they also fear for their lives due to the animal.

“When the river gets full the hippopotamus gets out and starts destroying our crops. Our maize is destroyed and this is the maize that we were loaned by One Acre Fund of which we are supposed to pay. We do not know we will pay the loan,” said one of the residents.

The residents are staying in fear because the animal also comes to their homes late at night.

They said that the heavy rains that are being experienced in the region are to blame for their woes because it causes the river to overflow and cause the hippopotamus out of the water.

“Hippopotamus comes around 7PM in our homes, destroy maize and make us frightened so we are leaving with fear because it can cause even death,” Omengo said.

He said they are always forced to lock their children in the houses whenever they go out to do their daily duties for fear of hurting them.

“We are in trouble, there is no way we can get out of our houses at night because we fear that it can hurt us and even pull down our houses,” Omengo added.

They have urged the national government in conjunction with the county government to look for proper measures to rescue them from that endangered species.

They have urged the government to visit them and see the effects of the distruction caused by the hippo and compensate them accordingly.

“We always hear that the government sets aside emergency funds, as people of Butobe we are faced with this problem of the hippopotamus if you can come to our rescue we shall be very grateful,” he posed.