Farmers in Bumula turn to planting of nappier grass

Nappier grass
Nappier grass

Small scale farmers that keep cattle from Bumula Sub-County have now turned away from keeping large numbers of cattle due to inadequate pasture.

Most of the farmers have employed a method of growing nappier grass on their farms in order to curb the pasture deficit that is experienced by many farmers.

“The animal feeds that are imported into this County are not different from what we can produce. We can in fact have more than what we need if only the government can come in and help us reach the required standards of production,” this is according to one of the farmers that spoke to West Media.

They have also urged the government to reduce the taxes imposed on the farm inputs as this will lead to lower production rates.

Otherwise, as the mid-year planting season is kicking off, the farmers from this Sub-County led by James Wakoli from Nakhwana-Kimaeti ward, have pleaded with their counterparts from other regions of the County to ensure proper preparation of their farms for better production.

By Peter Musaba