Farmers in Trans Nzoia urged to embrace crop diversification

KEPHIS quality assurance acting director Simon Maina

Locals from Trans Nzoia County have been urged to practice crop
diversification as opposed to specializing only in maize farming in order to reap more financial benefits.

Speaking during the farmers open field day at the Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service (KEPHIS) offices in Kitale , the acting general
manager for quality assurance at KEPHIS Simon Maina claimed most farmers within the County have not yet embraced crop diversification and have, over time, focused on maize farming, earning less income in the process. He urged farmers in the County to plant other crops like sweet and Irish potatoes, bananas, tomatoes among others, which are essential to getting more income.

On his part, Bungoma County Agriculture CEC Mathews Makanda also urged farmers to embrace diversification, noting it’s the only way farmers will realize their agricultural potential of the region.

He pointed out that Bungoma and Trans Nzoia Counties are working together in the research field and that has boosted the Counties’ economic potential, calling for a continued working relationship between two that will boost the lives of residents.

Some of the farmers who turned up for the occasion thanked KEPHIS for organizing an educative venture which they claimed had helped them a lot in terms of divulging how they can improve their craft.