Farmers living along R. Suam counting losses after floods destroy dykes,crops

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo visited the area

Farmers and residents living along the river Suam in West Pokot County are counting huge losses as after their crops and property were destroyed by floods after dykes constructed on the bridges along river Suam were damaged due to the torrential rainfall witnessed in the area. Over 200 families have been affected.

The river overflowed covering and destroying the dykes constructed by the Ministry of Public Works around 10 years ago, and the raging waters entered homes and also destroyed crops in farms.

West Pokot Governor John Lonyangapuo who visited the area said that the floods damaged 12 bridges from Mt. Elgon up to Turkwel and 24 foot bridges were destroyed.

He said the rains have turned disastrous displacing people and destroying thousands of acres of land.

The County boss called on the national Government to repair the bridges and the dykes  along the affected rivers, adding that the remaining river protection works under phase 2 should start.

“There is the need for emergency funds from the Government. It will be even hard for children to go to back to schools once they open,” he said.

Suam ward Representative David Alekulem said that over 4000 people have been affected calling on well wishers to help the affected  families.