Farmers urged to store maize for sell when price improve

NCPB is set to buy only 400 bags of maize per farmer
NCPB is set to buy only 400 bags of maize per farmer

Farmers urged to store maize for sell when price improve

By Victoriah Nang’oni Sindani

Farmers from Bungoma North region have been urged not to sell their maize at a throw away price but instead to store their maize as a group and wait for price to go up so that they can get a profitable market.

Speaking to West Fm , Albert Sirengo, secretary of the NAIMA group said they have opened a store to collect and store maize from farmers of the region.

Sirengo said that they have found a ready international market in the World Food Program that will be beneficial to farmers.

maize in sacks
Maize parked in sacks ready for storage/ Photo/ West Fm File

“We have about 450 bags of 90Kg that we shall be selling to the World Food Program. We collected these from members of this group, I encourage all farmers to use this opportunity and bring their maize in this store” said Sirengo

He also noted that through this there will be job creation to youths and women who will be receiving and parking the maize.

Sirengo told farmers that this program will help them escape being misused by middle men buyers who come and buy their maize at a cheaper price to sell them later at higher price.

Elsewhere Bungoma county government and the national government have been urged to open cottage industries for processing groundnuts and sunflowers in Kimilili constituency so as to enable farmers get ready market for their products.

This was said by political activist from Kimilili constituency Rose Natecho who uttered that such a move will enable farmers get good profit and job creation to residents.

“Farmers plant groundnuts and sunflower but don’t get market easily. When we open cottage industries in this region there will be a ready market for our farm products and there will be job creation that shall help fight poverty” said Natecho.

On the other hand, as planting season begins farmers from Kimilili constituency are supposed to prepare their piece of lands in time so as to have good harvest that will help in getting rid of hunger.

Member of Parliament of Kimilili constituency Suleiman Murunga said this while addressing residents in Namawanga where he noted that he will work in conjunction with the county government of Bungoma to ensure that farmers get fertilizer and other requirements needed for planting.

Murunga revealed that his office has plans to start a NCPB in that region to enable farmers get fertilizer in time and get ready market for their maize.

“Anyone who wants to prepare his/her land do it early and well in preparation of planting for better harvest, we are trying to put up ways to start up NCPB in this region to ease ways to get fertilizer and enable farmers get ready market for their maize.” Said Murunga