Fear of ridicule cited as lead cause why men in Lugari fail to embrace adult education

Lugari sub county Adult Education Officer Justina Mmasi when she spoke to media in her office
Lugari sub county Adult Education Officer Justina Mmasi when she spoke to media in her office

Fear of ridicule has been cited as the lead cause of why men in Lugari Sub County have deliberately failed to embrace adult education.

Speaking to West Media in her office, the sub county adult education officer (SCAEO)  Justina Mmasi  said that 75% of those attending adult classes in the sub county  were women.

She however disclosed that women were performing better compared to men though this she said should not be the cause for men to shy off classes.

The adult education boss noted with concern that the number of men attending classes was still wanting compared to illiteracy levels in the sub county.

She attributed the situation to reluctancy by men to attend classes for fear of being ridiculed at by other members of the society.

At the same time Miss Justina said that adult education in the area was facing myriad problems, the major one being lack of teachers and good learning environment.  She appealed to the government to employ more teachers arguing that lack of teachers coupled with poor teaching materials were a major setback to the realization of a literate society.

She said despite having 11 adult education centers in the sub county, the government has only employed eight teachers, though she added that they were being supported by part-time teachers whom she regretted that she faced a challenge paying them.

And on the learning facilities Justina said that there being no special schools for the adults, they were forced to turn churches into classrooms and that they are not giving conducive learning environment to the aged who finds it difficult to sit on the benches for long and pay attention to the teacher.