Fifteen families in Nandi left homeless after fire razed down their homes

House on fire
House on fire

Fifteen families from Nandihills town in Nandi County have been left homeless after their homes were reduced to ashes on Thursday evening following an outbreak of fire which its cause has not yet been established.

The families including two Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education(KCSe) candidates are now appealing to all well-wishers to assist them to have an alternative place they will call home.

Nothing was rescued in the fire incident as firefighters from the county government of Nandi known as the County Disaster Management Response Team failed to appear on time thus the fire was not condoned losing property worth millions.

The MCA Nandihills Hon Gedion Koech has laid a blaming finger on the county response team for failing to arrive on time to put off the fire saying he has written several request letters to the county government of Nandi asking for one of the engine fire fighters to be stationed in Nandihills for emergency issues like fire outbreaks without bearing any fruits.

Koech cited that the department of county response team is exercising laxity and should be looked into.

He appealed to the County Government of Nandi to ensure one firefighter engine is stationed at Nandhills so as to help put off fire incidences when need be.

The MCA is asking for well-wishers, politicians and both governments to offer their helping hand to these families at least to have where they can shelter for some time as they prepare to look for alternative refuge.