Fight against illicit brew intensified in Likuyani

Kongoni location chief Peter Lugano speaking to the media after the crackdown

As government’s efforts to fight illegal trade in illicit brew
continue countrywide, security officers from Likuyani  impounded over
300 litres in a well coordinated crackdown against the brew at Nangili

The  operation led by area assistant county commissioner Boniface
Mwachia and Kongoni location chief Peter Lugano together with police
officers from Nangili police post aimed at closing down all brewing
and selling points for illicit drinks within the market at its

During the operation, four brewers were arrested and confined at
Nangili  police post  as they wait to be taken to court.

Thanking members of the public for cooperating with police officers,
especially in providing vital information, Lugano revealed that 200
liters of busaa were destroyed and 120litres of chang’aa impounded.

While regretting that illegal trade in illicit brew has contributed
heavily to the level of insecurity in the area, Mwachia assured area
residents that the government will not relent in her efforts to fight
and eliminate all illegal brewery and drinking points in the sub

He said operation would continue to ensure that the area was cleaned
of illicit brews vowing to use all available means to ensure that
illicit brewing was completely curtailed in the area.

The operation he said was also targeting drug users and barons,
adding that the youth had been heavily drawn to the vice.

The administrators advised brewers, whom they noted a majority were
women to form
women groups and engage in other economic activities other than
illicit brewing,.