Five students of Lumakanda Boys High School arrested for planning to burn the school

The one liter petrol that was nabbed at the school

Five students of St. Luke’s Lumakanda Boys high school in Lugari Sub County have been arrested for allegedly planning to burn two dormitories in the school. The five were nabbed after their colleagues overheard two of the unidentified students who were hiding behind the toilets planning to execute their mission before they reported to the principal.

The principal together with one of the teachers and the school president set a trap and managed to arrest the main suspect picking one liter of petrol which had been wrapped in rags and behind the students’ toilets.

The suspect warned the school president over the discovery threatening to deal with him if he disclosed it to the management before the teacher who was hiding nearby surfaced and arrested him.

The five suspected students

Police officers from Lumakanda police station were called to the school and upon interrogation by the officers; the form two students pleaded guilty and named his four accomplices among them three form two students and a form four.

He disclosed how he secretly sneaked out of the school, bought the petrol, and returned back without being noticed by neither the security officers nor teachers.

The suspect had on several occasions asked two teachers to clear him out of school after he had been frequently caught sneaking and had committed himself in writing to become a good student.

The five were taken to Lumakanda police station as the officers continued with investigations before being taken to court.

The school was closed indefinitely late last month after one dormitory was completely burned down.

School unrest has been rampant since the reopening of schools after students staying home for 10 months due to covid-19 outbreak. If swift action is not taken by the Ministry of Education and the government at large, more cases may continue to be reported.