Foetus found dumped in Lugari forest

Shocked residents at the scene where the foetus was dumped

Residents of Lunyito village, in Lugari sub location, Lugari sub county were left in shock after an unknown woman procured an abortion and dumped the foetus by the roadside near Lugari forest.

According to Mr. Martin Barasa who witnessed the incident,  the foetus was dumped  by a young woman from the neighbouring Bungoma county before she fled using a motorbike.

Barasa who is a resident of Nzoia village, in Naitiri location across in Bungoma county said he was heading to check the crops he planted on a forest land inside Lugari forest at about 7am when he noticed a motorbike following him carrying a woman who was holding a sack.

The motorbike stopped and turned abruptly and the young lady could be seen throwing sack in the forest before they sped back towards Bungoma giving him no chance to capture the motorbike’s registration number.

The curious Barasa tried to find out was contained in the sack and went back to check it before he was shocked to find a foetus placed in a carton box.

He raised alarm that attracted tens of residents who thronged the scene to witness the coldhearted incident.

Local administrators led by Mrs. Miriam Chebukwesi, a village elder, from Nzoia village in Naitiri and her counterpart Julius Wasilwa of Mabanga strongly condemned the incident.

They have appealed to residents from Nzoia, Kibisi, Mbakalu, Pwani and Sokomoko in Naitiri to interrogate any woman or girl who was pregnant and doesn’t have a baby.

Police officers from Lumakanda station removed the foetus and took to Webuye mortuary as they launched an investigation into the incident in collaboration with their counterparts from Bungoma.