At long last after 13 months the 2020 Standard Eight KCPE candidates and form four KCSE candidates are taking their exams starting from 22nd March 2021 to about 21st April 2021.

These 2020 candidates have had to endure the anxiety, unpredictability and uncertainty surrounding their learning right from March 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic unceremoniously shut down their learning till November 2020 when they resumed learning in an atmosphere of fear, trepidation on their safety and that of their teachers, parents and the general community.

West Media states with pride that the KCPE 2020 candidates have been truly tested in adversity patience just like their form four counterparts who will also sit for their 2020 KCSE exams starting this week.

We extend the best wishes, peace, calm, focus on the KCPE 2020 candidates as they take their exams. The exams are an important milestone, tapstone in their journey in life and more important their critical working life in a few years ahead. It behooves all of us parents, the general community to give peace, quiet, support and to create a conducive environment for the candidates now sitting for their exams. Let us allow our children to take their exams in serenity without interruptions, noise, disturbances in the examination centers, the schools.

Let the security agencies and the examination managers, invigilators be hawk-eyed for any attempts at examination cheating are prevented, nipped before they take place. The integrity of examinations is so crucial for in these examinations the country assesses, filters and selects those who will hold critical callings like doctors, engineers, scientists, teachers and other professions that enable our societies to function, look after our health and drive modernization which however remains elusive for Africa.

We wish our KPCE and KCSE candidates good health, clarity of mind, serenity and courage to take accurately their 2020 exams. God Bless our children as they take their exams.