Four kids recuperating in Vihiga after being attacked by their aunt

Vihiga County Referral Hospital
Vihiga County Referral Hospital

Four kids are recuperating at Vihiga Referral Hospital at Mbale after they were attacked by their aunt at their home at Kituru Village in Vihiga Sub County, Vihiga County.

Jane Kasandi the mother of the girl who attacked the kids, said the children were left home as they went to tend the garden but a few minutes later his daughter attacked the kids living them with severe injuries.

She added that her daughter might have joined a cult when she was staying in Nairobi noting that she has a weird behavior.

Kasandi said her daughter has been talking to herself and threatening kill the family members. “When my daughter left for the city in 2015 she was normal but when she came back she was a changed person and was behaving in a funny way,” said Kasandi.

She said her daughter threatened to kill her and his brother before leaving the village for good. “She attacked the kids who were playing in the house while we were tending to our garden, neighbours reacted so fast to rescue the kids from her,” she noted. Now they are fearing for their lives after the incident.