Four West Pokot MCAs expelled from KANU

KANU secretary general Nick Salat

Four KANU nominated MCAs from West Pokot County have been expelled over misconduct and failure to adhere to party guidelines and code of ethics. The 4 MCAs-Grace Rengei, Jackline Ripoo, Nancy Chombir and Josephine Chepurum-have received expulsion letters from KANU secretary general Nick Salat.

In a letter seen by the press, the secretary general of KANU Nick Salat cited refusal to remit monthly membership subscription fee, failure to adhere to the loyalty pledge and the party code of conduct and failure to defend and promote the party positions while serving at the West Pokot County assembly among the reasons that led to their expulsion.

One of the expelled member of County assembly Grace Rengei said they were expelled because they were after the proposal of changing the West Pokot County assembly majority and chief whip leadership positions.
“They have not explained clearly why they had to dismiss us from our positions. I think we have been at the frontline championing for leadership changes at the assembly,” she said.

The County assembly has been having leadership wrangles since May this year after a section of KANU MCAs wanted to change the leadership position of the majority leader and chief whip position. The efforts to change the positions were thwarted by KANU top officials after they dismissed the changes on grounds that the KANU members failed to consult the headquarter office. The leaders David Kapelisiwa and Evanston Lomaduny challenged the matter before the Kapenguria high court where it was ruled that the status quo remains the same and advised the party to solve the issue as it dismissed the case at a cost.

The expulsion of the four nominated MCAs has been received with a lot of mixed reactions as a section of KANU members supported the move
The party had previously asked six MCAs from West Pokot County assembly to appear before the disciplinary committee in June over misconduct but only two availed themselves before the committee. However, the national executive council reviewed the conduct of the four MCAs who had failed to appear before the disciplinary committee and gave them a last chance to continue serving as members of county assembly. One if the members of county assembly Elijah Kaseuseu who narrowly escaped the expulsion said he took a bold step and appeared before the disciplinary committee. He added that he advised his colleagues to be loyal to the party but they followed their personal interests.